Pacific Northwest Spaghetti

While living north of Seattle in Bellingham, Washington, almost twenty years ago now, I came upon a version of this pasta sauce.  Over the years I have experimented and manipulated the sauce, mostly with the amount of herbs, type and whether fresh or dried.  You can also vary the types of sausage to meet your taste or the taste of your guests.  This recipe feeds a lot of people.  The sauce also freezes very well.  I hope you enjoy.

1 Kielbasa Sausage

1 Pkg. Hot Links

1 Pkg. Smokies

1 Large Can Tomato Juice

1 Large Can Tomato Sauce

1 Small Can Tomato Paste

x Garlic

x Garlic Salt

x Garlic Powder

x Basil

x Italian Seasoning or Herbs de Provence

x Salt & Pepper

Slice sausage.  Combine all ingredients, with seasonings to taste.  Simmer on low uncovered for a minimum of 6 hours stirring often, or in a crock pot all day.  Serve over Angel Hair pasta.

x = to taste

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