24 Hours at Alinea.

Alinea as many of you know is Grant Achatz’s Chicago “Restaurant of the Future.”  The World’s 50 Best Restaurants website described it,

Alinea might just be the blueprint for the restaurant of the future, but fortunately we’re allowed to eat there now. Chef-patron Grant Achatz (rhymes with jackets) has entirely rethought the eating-out experience: bite-sized dishes are suspended by wires and some creations are even served directly onto the table; the food is techniqueled, using gels, foams, powders and concentrations, all served in a slickly modern interior. An extraordinary man and an extraordinary restaurant.

The Art of Eating described Grant Achatz and Alinea,

Someone new has entered the arena. His name is Grant Achatz, and he is redefining the American restaurant once again for an entirely new generation . . . Alinea is in perpetual motion; having eaten here once, you can’t wait to come back, to see what Achatz will come up with next.” –GourmetReviews & AwardsJames Beard Foundation Cookbook Award Finalist: Cooking from a professional Point of View Category  James Beard Foundation Outstanding Chef Award! “Even if your kitchen isn’t equipped with a paint-stripping heat gun, thermocirculator, or refractometer, and you’re only vaguely aware that chefs use siphons and foams in contemporary cooking, you can enjoy this daring cookbook
from Grant Achatz of the Chicago restaurant Alinea.. . . While the recipes can hardly become part of your everday cooking, this book is far too interesting to be left on the coffee table. As you read, a question emerges: Is Alinea’s food art? . . . I go a little further, describing Achatz with a word that he would probably never use to describe himself: avant-garde, as it defined art movements at the beginning of the last century–planned, self-concious, and structured
attempts to provoke and shake the status quo. Just as with those artists, the results are not necessarily as interesting as the intentions and concepts behind them. In this sense, this volume constitutes a full-blown although not threatening manifesto.

The following short video is 24 hours at Alinea in three minutes :

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